The Fly (1996)

Poetry Reading: Live at the Gown’n’Gavel – Hamilton, ON – July 1998

The Fly - drawing by Harvey Dog 2019 for the poem "The Fly".

There’s a fly
buzzing around
the room
while I’m
at the
out this piece
of realism.

The fly is
at ease,
he’s having a ball,
I stop typing
and listen
to the movement
of the fly.

He stops buzzing
when he hears
the silence
and proceeds
to perch himself
upon my glass of wine.

He looks at me slyly
and I smile in reply,
he buzzes his response
and heads away
to another adventure
I can never be
a part of

I smile at you
as I smiled at the fly,
hoping you understand
as well as my friend,
the fly.


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