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Hated Uncles – 1986 – First Studio Recordings (At Peace, Anger, Name on a Gravestone)


The Hated Uncles, from Hamilton, Ontario, existed in various permutations and formats from 1985 to 1999.

1985 – The Hated Uncles begin when John Harvey (vocals) walked to Paul Settle’s (trumpet & guitar) house two blocks away and they started making noise. Bill Day joined on guitar, followed by life-long friend John Kinsella (bass).

1986 – The first show was with The Dik Van Dykes (also making their debut) and Dorothy and the Soul Sisters at McMaster University’s Kenneth Taylor Hall on April 15th, 1986. Paul Ropel-Morski painted on stage with us that night (and a number of future shows). He sold his work. We went to the studio and recorded three songs (At Peace, Anger, Name on a Gravestone). Chris Fozard played drums for the session. “Name on a Gravestone” last song on the first side of “Music From the Armpit of Canada” by Problem Children Wrekords. The song was on CFMU’s Alternative Playlist chart from November 4th to December 30th, reaching a high of #5. Many letters (see media) were sent in complaining that we were being played on the radio.

1987-1988 – Bruce Black (drums) joins the band for live shows. Lots of “interesting” shows, including the last show with Bruce at a “Freak Olympics” bash. We were packing up just as the cops arrived. Bruce leaves and the band plays one final show on May 7th, 1988, opening for The Progressive Minstrels at Bannisters sans drummer. JK put together a collection of strange noises that we played in the background, and we did all new pieces created during the previous week. Thanks to David Little (The Mimes) it was recorded.

Image of the Hated Uncles live at the Rathskellar, December 1989
Hated Uncles at the Rathskellar 1989

1989-1990 – John Harvey & John Kinsella revive the Hated Uncles and release “Variety Show”. A raw cassette release, recorded in John Harvey’s parents’ basement – while they were away on holiday. They perform many (usually drunk – I know I was) shows as a duo. JK played acoustic guitar and I would forget lyrics and roll around on the floor. Paul Settle rejoins the duo and our high-school friend, John Battaglia (guitar), becomes a Hated Uncle near the end of 1989.

1990-1992 – The Hated Uncles hit their peak with the arrival of Dave Turcotte (drums). Ten songs are recorded at Crystal Turtle Studios for the ill-fated “Kill Morrissey” EP. Lots of shows and activity, but by the spring of 1992 this run of The Hated Uncles came to an end.

Hated Uncles Live 1992 - Toronto, ON
Hated Uncles at the 1150 Club in Toronto, ON

1992 – John Harvey and John Battaglia become “Bad Etiquette” and record a cassette as a duo. Paul Settle adds a beautiful trumpet to “Distant” and Rich Elliott (drums) brings “Confusion” to life. John and Rich are joined by Alix Bell (bass) and become “Panic Zebra”. A cd is released in 1995.

1996-1999 – The Hated Uncles come back to life with John Harvey, Paul Settle, John Battaglia and Dave Turcotte. John Kinsella had moved to Toronto and became a successful artist. Lots of new songs and fun shows. Thankfully James Pegg recorded a long show from The Gown’n’Gavel in the summer of 1998 to capture most of the new songs. By the beginning of 1999, life was taking members in different directions and the band broke up for the final time.

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