Volume 1 – The Learning Curve 2012-2018 (2021)

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The Learning Curve (The Songs)

Pain (0:18) House on the Hill (Kevin Coyne) (5:41) William S. Burroughs Cut Up Blues (Harvey Dog, Hated Uncles, William S. Burroughs) (2:21) Back to the Land (5:02) Skeleton Dreams (1:37) Don’t Be Afraid We Come In Peace (0:28) Alien Parables, Part 1 (2:02) Silhouettes Dancing (On A Dark Misty Night) (4:33) Soma Induced Hallucinations (1:15) I’m Straight (Jonathan Richman) (3:43) I Couldn’t Get High (Ken Weaver) (4:38) Lola (Ray Davies) (5:02) The Seventh Seal (3:40)

The Learning Curve (The Videos)


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