Volume 2 – Dada Dog Dreams 2018-2021 (2021)

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Dada Dog Dreams (The Songs)

Groovy Day (2:17) Thomas Pynchon Is Missing From His Backyard Blues (4:15) Kill Your Sons (Lou Reed) (3:08) Stay Inside Molasses (2:32) Aching Molasses (3:14) A Slight Vulnerability (1:13) The Road to Utopia (3:51) Big Bill Broonzy’s Got the Blues Again (4:03) Blue Dreams of the Piano Man (1:43) The Words I Speak (1:08) Revolution Blues (Neil Young) (3:24) Hippie at the Laundromat (2:08) If I Lost My Memory (1:04) Love Is A Dog From Hell (2:49) Kafka Dreams (1:40) Baby Said Dada (2:45) Clownface (1:40)

Dada Dog Dreams (The Videos)


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