Ongoing Projects

  • 1st Novel: unsure of the title. I am currently on the 2nd draft of the novel, and the structure of the plot is starting to come together. Upcoming: A page for the novel – samples from the 2nd draft, resources, and thoughts.
  • A collection of Harvey Dog’s poetry, lyrics, prose and posts from 40 years of writings..

Check out the Poetry page for a listing of poems that have been added to the site.

Check out the Prose page for stories and blog posts.

Lyrics for Harvey Dog, Bad Etiquette and the Hated Uncles are attached to the page for the song.

Published Poems

When I was in my mid-late 20s (late 80’s-early 90’s), prior to pro wrestling, I used Poet’s Market to find magazines to submit my poems to in Canada and the United States, even a couple in the UK. I was fortunate to have a few of my poems accepted. Here’s the list (in progress):

  • This Isn’t Sarcasm (1986): Poem accepted in “Egad!” based in Hamel, MN. 1988. The first poem I submitted to a magazine. It was accepted!
  • In the Pit of My Gut (1987): Poem accepted in “Poetry Motel” based in Duluth, MN. 1988. A poetry reading from 1998 is included.
  • She Doesn’t Bring Me Flowers (1988): Poem accepted in “Cramped and Wet” based in IA, 1990.
  • I Can’t Stop Pissing Shouted A Bum In My Dream (1987): Poem accepted in “Feh! A Journal of Odious Poetry” based in QE & MN, 1991. Performance by Hated Uncles 1988 is included.
  • Tick Tock (1991): Poem accepted in “Next Exit” based in Kingston, ON, 1991.

Media – Harvey Dog Writings

Promotional posters for “The Last Pogo” DVD. 2008. A quote from “Harvey Dog’s Carnival” was used by the great Colin Brunton for promotion. Great DVD!

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