Works in Progress: first novel (progress: 2nd draft; 25,875 words) and a collection of writings from over 40 years.

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Latest Additions

  • A Beggar’s Eyelash (2023) poetry – “a pebble in the universe / brushed off…”
  • It’s A Nice Day To Die, She Said (2020) poetry – “I, I dream of a future / and murder the past”
  • Tomorrow (2018) poetry – “tomorrow / I will pursue my dreams / tomorrow”
  • How R U? She Asked (2020) poetry – “I replied: ‘That’s a complex question.'”
  • Shine (2016) poetry – “searching…for that / elusive / special / transcendent shine


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Harvey Dog’s music collections: “Volume 3: E.E.S. (Early Experimental Shit) 2012-2016“, “Volume 2: Dada Dog Dreams 2018-2021” & “Volume 1: The Learning Curve 2012-2018“.

Random Recording

Harvey Dog – Is That You, MacDuff? (poetry reading) (Harvey Dog) (2019)

Latest Video

Harvey Dog – The Light in the Distance (2023)

Hated Uncles

The Hated Uncles, from Hamilton, ON, played from 1985 until 1999 with various line-ups, breaks and permutations. Members: John Harvey, Paul Settle, Bill Day, John Kinsella, Bruce Black, John Battaglia and Dave Turcotte.

Hated Uncles live at Bannisters - July 1990. Photo by Johnny Angel
Hated Uncles at Bannisters – Hamilton, ON – July 1990 (photo: Johnny Angel)
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  • The Media page contains album covers, articles, music charts, a contract and excerpts from “Heavy Metalloid Music” by Jesse Locke.

Pro Wrestling

Check out the Pro Wrestling page for results, videos and images from when HD morphed into a pro wrestler by the name of “The Prince of Pain” from 1992-1996.

The Prince of Pain (as Sheer Terror) vs. The Warden (1995)

The Prince of Pain vs. The Warden (1995) CWF

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