She Doesn’t Bring Me Flowers (1988)

She Doesn't Bring Me Flowers - acceptance letter for the magazine "Cramped and Wet", Iowa 1990
Acceptance letter: “Cramped & Wet”, Iowa, 1990

drunk and disgusting
I sing out of key,
pounding the arm of my chair
like a percussion instrument
I pause to sip a beer,
I’m a spider
my ego the fly,
trapped in awareness
my ego drinks the web,
free and floating
I’m thrown to the floor,
with a crash I see the futility,
the futility
of sobriety,
of drinking,
of loving,
of hating,
with this new insight I answer the door:
“Will you keep the goddamn noise down!
I’m trying to sleep!!
I nod submissively
and wonder why
she doesn’t bring me flowers.

Accepted for publication in Cramped and Wet – IA – 1990

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