Polluted Rivers of Thoughts

Polluted Rivers of Thoughts (Harvey Dog) 2:29

April 2023
Vocals, Harmonica, Helm Synthesizers, Samples from SampleFocus.


Meaningless cliches posing as philosophy /
hindered my ability to control my inner rage /
so I pray to the buddhists to share their patience /
I’ll give it back if I don’t sell it first /
and if these words seem shallow & hollow /
you don’t understand the screams of the inner child /
he’s raging behind an ancient tree /
with coca leaves powdered with opium lust.

I rowed upon polluted rivers of thoughts
& I came across regrets
& forgotten sins
& forgotten weaknesses
& the worst Harvey Dog I could have been
& I blamed it on the alcohol
but we all have excuses
and words have different levels of sincerity
as the muse contemplates
these polluted rivers of thoughts.



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