Out Demons Out (Edgar Broughton)

Out Demons Out (Edgar Broughton) 3:00

March 2019
Vocals, Background Vocals, Guitars (from Sample Focus), 8 second sample of Edgar Broughton’s “Out Demons Out” from “Out Demons Out: Best of Edgar Broughton”


Out Demons Out - drawing by Harvey Dog 2019 for the "Out Demons Out" video.

Out Demons Out (repeated)

Aphrodite we love
we call the powers of the prophets
the spirit of the holy ghost
fill your hearts with joy
fill your house with joy
form a circle of protection
from the neo-liberals

Out Demons Out (4x)

In the name of freedom
we send this vibration
in the hope to turn off
the military
of the governments of the world
we dedicate this number
and give it to the
floating holy population.

Out Demons Out (4x)

Togetherness for brotherhood
holy ghost
in the name of aphrodite
the goddess
governments of the world
can you hear us?
governments of the world
can you hear us?
turn off the
military machine!

Out Demons Out (repeated)

Written By: Edgar Broughton


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