William S. Burroughs Cut Up Blues

William S. Burroughs Cut Up Blues (Harvey Dog) 2:21
Volume 1: The Learning Curve 2012-2018

January 2015
Vocals, Hated Uncles live at Teasers Dec-4-1987 performing “Grateful Dead”, William Burroughs reading “Naked Lunch”, Roddy Piper “Integrity” wrestling promo, Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” somewhere in the background for a few seconds, Synthesizers, Sound Effects


William S Burroughs Cut Up Blues - drawing by Harvey Dog for Volume 1: The Learning Curve

(hated uncles live at teasers 1987)
I talked to William Burroughs the other day,
we sat and had a naked lunch,
naked cows and naked pigs and naked drinks,
I asked him for some advice,
and this is what he said:

Burroughs: “You young squirts couldn’t lance a pimple”

“Did I ever tell you about the man who taught his asshole to talk?”
“Confusion hath fucked his masterpiece”
“You young squirts couldn’t lance a pimple”

The William S. Burroughs Cut-Up Blues
Who’s your baby?
Who’s your baby?

“He’s so grey, he’s so spectral, he’s so anonymous”
“We’ll be nothing but button pushers”

Naked Lunch.

“Stop him! Before he guts my patient”

Roddy Piper: “It’s Jacques Cousteau trying to find a dry spot in the ocean. I ain’t got no damn integrity. How do you think I got so far?”

It’s not real!
Coco for Cocoa Puffs
Coco for Cocoa Puffs

“Audience who leaps down into the ring, pulls out a concealed cape, before he is dragged out of the ring”

* laughter *

Cut-Up Blues (4x)

“Looked down at my filthy trousers, haven’t been changed in months”
“The days glide by, strung on a syringe with a long thread of blood.”

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