Works in Progress: first novel (progress: 2nd draft; 25,875 words) and a collection of writings from over 40 years.

Check out the Poetry page for new and old poems.
Check out the Prose page for short stories and Harvey Dog Carnival’s (2005-2011) blog posts.

Latest Additions

  • A Beggar’s Eyelash (2023) poetry – “a pebble in the universe / brushed off…”
  • It’s A Nice Day To Die, She Said (2020) poetry – “I, I dream of a future / and murder the past”
  • Tomorrow (2018) poetry – “tomorrow / I will pursue my dreams / tomorrow”
  • How R U? She Asked (2020) poetry – “I replied: ‘That’s a complex question.'”
  • Shine (2016) poetry – “searching…for that / elusive / special / transcendent shine

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