Skeleton Dreams

Skeleton Dreams (Harvey Dog) 1:36
Volume 1: The Learning Curve 2012-2018

June 2015
Vocals, Cube (Classic) from ButtonBass


Skeleton Dreams - drawing by Harvey Dog for Volume 1: The Learning Curve

is the answer.

What answer
dancing skeleton,
for what question?

If the question
has been answered,
then there
is no need for questions.

Evasive skeleton,
why do you dance
to the tune
of avoiding
the truth?

Truth is merely
a dream
that one remembers,
but wisdom
is in the dreams
that we forget…

Am I dream then

It’s your conception
it’s your creation,
don’t make it your affliction
don’t make it your damnation.

Evasive skeleton
that is no answer,
that is a warning!

Laugh dance and play
forget your dreams
it’s only the truth (2X)

Laugh, dance and play…
rethgual si eht rewsna.

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