Bottomless Pit of Floating Fish

Bottomless Pit of Floating Fish (Harvey Dog) 0:51

January 2022
Vocal, (Guitar, Synth & Bongos from SampleFocus)


I wish colours were real & everything I touched I could feel as screaming witches dance round the cauldron of my inner horror movie full of worms digging in the dirt looking to get hurt again & again & again a carousel of pain revisited again & again & again lessons never learned hard plastic horses neigh their disgust at their enslavement round & round & round we treat our enemies worse so count your blessings riding on the carousel screaming agents of destruction & distortion plant dynamite up sacred orifices empty of wisdom & true sexuality & true sensuality on crutches like a floating fish fucked to the gills…

Bottomless Pit of Floating Fish -drawings by Harvey Dog 2022


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